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Julie Dodsworth in collaboration with Farrahs


The designer Julie Dodsworth is a Yorkshire coal miner's daughter who lives with her family near the iconic city of York. It is not surprising, therefore, that the collaboration with our heritage brand of Farrah's of Harrogate, whose products are steeped in history dating back to the 1840's, was a natural choice for our companies.


Julie's designs reflect her passion of the vintage style and derive from her love of the British waterways. Self taught in the 18C folk art style of canal painting she has created her unique designs. Drawing inspiration from the colours of the seasons, the lovely flora and changing lights she witnessed whilst watching the passing colourful barges from 'Calamity Jane' her own barge which she purchased with her husband in 2007.


Inspired by her daughter Bethany who suggested the designs would look good on home ware she set about transforming these images onto a variety of merchandise including textiles, candles, ceramics and glassware and now helped by Farrah's experience of the confectionery market on biscuits, sweets and preserves.


Julie's determination to promote British made products which could be accessible on the high street has now been rewarded with retailers reporting repeat business and a high rate of 'selling through'. We are therefore confident that this new range will be a successful addition to the products you merchandise.


The range includes eight large preserves, seven 200g drums containing biscuits, a small 125g drum of Barley Sugars, Chocolate bars, candy boxes, mini tins and a churn. Please see the attached flyers for more details


Download the Julie Dodsworth brochure


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